Masala Tee’s Clearance Sale Extended. Finders keepers.


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Last summer’s spring cleaning of Masala Tee stockroom uncovered a box filled with goodies from the oldies- the last few pieces of Masala Tee Jewel (women), T-urban (men), Sugarcubes(kids) from past collections to savour!

We re-present to you our few last pieces of evergreen Masala Tees that you can enjoy all year round, any year, any place, any time to be teamed up with anything that tickles your fancy. And at reduced prices!

Many have been grabbed at the last Evergreen Sale in Autumn 2017  so get yours now to get you spring and summer ready!

tewithmodelsMasalaTeeSugarcubeMASALA TEE VINTAGE


If you have had a taste of Masala Tee before, you can count on it being timeless, high quality, prime, adaptable tee that can be worn piping hot or uber cool.

Don’t wait. They SALE (3)will clear off our shelves soon. Check out what’s still available,  and grab yours now @ masalateeboutique.com

Happy shopping.







masala tee jewel @ masala tee eboutique. freshly brewed.

Featuredmasala tee jewel @ masala tee eboutique. freshly brewed.

Masala Tee is back – I present you a new capsule collection of bejewelled organic cotton tees for women. All are featured in a newly revamped Masala Tee website www.masalateeboutique.com.


The signature look of Masala Tee – beautiful strong faces of Indian women printed on tees and embellished with jewelry – is still the mainstay. Click link to view: Masala Tee Lookbook.

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Masala Tee Cool concoction – big & skinny, comfy & chic.

Masala Tee Vintage oversized tees in blue, charcoal grey and red are super-simple to weave into your current wardrobe, and still look timelessly chic.


A solid oversized tee is a must-have  in your wardrobe for days when you don’t want the tee-shirt to stick to your skin (especially in the Delhi summer grilling heat averaging at 40 degrees!).

Wear Masala Tee super comfy big voluminous vintage tee that goes down to the hip,  and bottom it off all right with a pair of  skinny jeans (a true confidant of our wardrobe always) and you’re all set for a Friday night out where you can always end up indulging in a carton of mint chocolate chip ice-cream or fruit sorbet to cool yourselves down further! sorbets

denim shorts

But of course, if you’re at the beach or running to the spa this summer, our oversized tee looks cool even with the oh-so necessary staple denim shorts for happy easy days, with the tee tucked in with a chunky leather belt for structure.  Or  you have the option of teaming it with a pair of skinny capris or leggings!

It is the dawn of a summer era, and if you want to start off the first day in style with a burst of color- you can team MASALA TEE vintage oversized tee with bright-colored skinny jeans for some fun and oh so happy and cheery summery color blocking. 

skinny jeans If you prefer it muted, wear your skinny jeans in neutral cool colors. Different strokes for different folks. 

Don’t forget to amp it with the right accessory -flat ballerinas, strappy sandals, or platform slip ons  and you’ll look the part – big and skinny , comfy and chic.

In celebration of our 4th anniversary month, MASALA TEE vintage organic t-shirts (along with all our other tees) are available at a Special Discount at our online clothing fashion store till 10th June 2013: www.masalateeboutique.com (or directly to the page: www.masalateeboutique.com/en/masala-tee-vintage/89-women-gruhini.html).

By the way, Masala Tee Vintage comes in Men and Kids versions as well so your whole family can rock this look.  If you wish to have a His, Hers and a Little One  this summer, check out the cool happy MASALA TEE VINTAGE family tee. All are available at www.masalateeboutique.com


Thanks for reading. Have a great summer, y’all!

Stay cool always,

Masala Tee Wallah xx

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The day a Tee Wallah received a personal letter from First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Yes, I Did!  Yes, She Did! 

And Yes, He Can! 

Congratulations President Obama for your re-election!

And as I watched President Obama’s election night speech, this Masala Tee wallah had a personal flashback. President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to India in November 2010 was so memorable for several reasons.

To begin, it created a lot of excitement in my neighborhood when we had news that the US Presidential couple will tour the Humayun Tomb situated very near my home in Nizamuddin East. That was confirmed when my husband and I witnessed many army and secret service personnel pacing up and down our streets, crossing our gardens, climbing up our staircases and strutting around our terraces with sniper rifles and walkie talkies. Oh Yes, they did! Just like a scene out of ’24 Hours.’

Always an admirer of what the Obamas stand for, I (with my cheerleading husband in tow) excitedly armed myself less menacingly with a small camera and binoculars, and decided to get in the act – snooping at many men in green who were snooping around. From my own terrace where I had covertly located myself, an army personnel told me to  ‘please ma’am, get out of your terrace’. Amidst all this confusion around me,  I’d managed to aim hard enough and snapped some shots of Mr & Mrs Obama from my terrace through some holes from some distant bushes. These larger than life figures appeared as tiny tiny specks from my point & shoot camera. But I did not care. After all, how often do you get to see the Presidential couple strolling hand-in-hand in your own backyard (well, almost)? Feeling quite like a paparazzi, I sneaked in a shot- yep, I did!
See? Mr President in a white shirt & Michelle in a green dress.
A day later, a dear someone I know excitedly shared with me the news that he was attending a tea session with the Obamas. Fired up by my covert scene from the Humayun Tomb, I excitedly prepared a gift  for the Obama family- a pack of actual masala tea, a personal card for Michelle plus four Masala Tees : a Masala Tee Jewel for Michelle, a  Masala T-urban for Obama, and  Masala Tee Sugarcubes with bejeweled Indian animals for Sasha and Malia. Everyone close and dear to me said two words, “wishful thinking.” Undaunted, I went ahead and instructed my friend to pass along my gifts to them- yes sirree, I did!
Finally, the crux of the story ended like this.
The card and  gifts actually got handed over to the Obamas.
Oh yes, truly they did! (n.b: I am sure that the pack had to pass through many layers of security before it reached their hands!)

A month after I’d sent those gifts and card through my friend, and when all that excitement was forgotten, I saw a big yellow envelope peeping out of my dusty Indian post-box. Nonchalantly, I picked it up and saw the address printed at the top of the envelope.

Yes, indeed it did!
My heart raced. I opened the envelope to find a letter from her royal loveliness, smartness, grace and style (and of enviable ultra-toned shoulders), and a champion of poverty, military families and conscious healthy living. First Lady extraordinaire & Mom in Chief,
Michele Obama.
I read it, my heart thumping with joy and quiet disbelief that my gift of Masala Tees (and tea) and card actually got through to them. Over a tea session in India. And how very apt that was.

I high-fived everyone I passed  in my neighborhood that day  (from the chai wallah to the fruit wallah to the rickshaw wallah) without explaining anything to them, and happily called all those who disbelieved that I would pull this off.
Yes, I Did!
Yes, She Did!
And Yes, He Can!

Congrats President Barack Hussein Obama & First Lady, Michelle Obama!

All Signed. Sealed. Delivered. 

4 More Years of your values, of your coolness, of you.


Masala Tee shoots & launches new kids and vintage tees

A Tee Wallah’s notes & musings on shooting sweet little tigers & taking a stroll to the Vintage heydays.

You can now buy the tees online at www.masalateeboutique.com

9.30am: Shoot starts with a bouncing sweet baby,  all of 9 months old. Photographer perspires profusely. Even in the heavily air-conditioned studio. Not used to shooting models any less than 1.75 meters tall,  he is now confronted by a teenie weenie model for him to coo, aim & shoot at.

9.35am : Should we have the baby sit up, held up, lie down? Decisions, decisions. The tiger print on the onesie  needs to show on this sweet little tiger.  We stood her up. We leaned her against a table. We made her crawl. And she drooled.  And elicited some cute baby noises. Oh dear, she’s slipping. Sidewards. Downwards. Backwards.

10am : Finally lying her (gently) is the best position. Her face and body & the tiger on tee are all there for the camera! Smile, please. Up the lullaby music.  Throw colorful ball.  ‘Goo goo gaa gaa’ coos from everyone. Look,  a lady bug. You don’t like the ladybug?  Oh no, no, don’t cry, sweetie. Mom and Dad  to the rescue.

10.10am:  Out comes her favorite  toy. We get a  smile on her face. Shoot. shoot, shoot-Purrfect, sweet tiger!  What a star.

10.15am: Masala tea break. Smiles &  sighs of relief, and cookies all around

10.30 am: Another sporting parent comes in with a 2 year old active toddler.

10.40 am: Out with all the puppets I’d  brought.  It works- a smile,  a chuckle and a giggle even.   Then even broader smiles,  and peals of laughter, and lots of jumping, running…skipping…jogging. To the side, to the corner, to the back of the white backdrop….oh no no, it’s not a wall.  Gasp-that makeshift wall might fall.

10.45am: Photographer  perspires profusely again. Mom pulls baby boy back. The boy has a look which says ‘ This is too fun, mama. What is this place?” More loud baby music.  Look, a big bird (puppet) is flying to you.  The boy’s hands are up and he runs away and with that crocodle hoodie tee on … another perfect shot!

10.50am: In comes an eclectic masala mix of lovely children from 3-8 years of age  with their parents, nannies, friends, brothers and sisters. Some shy. Some talkative. Others apprehensive, curious, nervous. The studio is beginning to feel very homey. Photographer is all warmed up & relaxed.

11am: Shoot begins. All  are warmed up now (42 degrees outside the studio). Aiming for  happy. natural, spontaneous shots. Out with the puppets and toys and loud boisterous music. We want circus, birthday party & amusement park atmosphere combined.  The puppets  do their magic and we see smiles  which turn into  infectious giggles and loud laughter. Photographer shoots away. With some, we cajoled. Smile please. No smiles today? It’s ok to look scared, love.  There are, after all, in our midst crocodiles & tigers, deers. With others, it’s a fun ruckus. Hey you, stop monkeying around with that monkey puppet!

12noon:  Kids now seem to be on some infectious sugar high. Pose. Smile. Show your claws. Gnarrrrl now, I want to hear you ROARRRR rrrr. Roaring FUN shooting that fun lot.

 12.30- 1pm: Juice break with cakes and    cookies for the kids,  and masala teas for all   cheerleader adults. Kids leave one by one with their cheperones. Studio seems strangely silent.

1.30pm: Vintage shoot. Female model walks in. Perfect with an Audrey Hepburn pout. Need pouf  retro big hairdo.  Improvise, improvise.  You Tube video on how to make vintage pouf-y hair to the rescue.

1.40pm: Need to seat this 1.7something meter model to do her hair or I cannot reach her.  And after this gravity challenging feat- all easy peasy. In just 5 mins voila, pouf! Big pouf-y retro hair done.

1.50pm: Next, catty eye make-up. Google search another You Tube video on how to create catty Audrey Hepburn-ish  makeup.  I love you, You Tube! Paint, stretch the eyes, load heaps of mascara and voila, Audrey Hepburn stares back at me. Feels like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.


2.05pm: Miss Audrey then whispers to me that she has forgotten to bring her tights to match with our Vintage tees. What?  Panic. Masala Chai break time. Thinking time. Improvising time. In walks male model.

2.15pm: Improvise, improvise. Female model now wears the black pants  that I have on. And I end up with the male model’s pants. Gasp.

2.30pm: Business as usual. Shoot, shoot. Ok people, think retro. It’s ok to look cheesy to look retro. Remember how they posed in the retro ads. Now strike a pose (but NOT ala Madonna please, ala Audrey Hepburn, ala Hema Malini & ala Sanjeev Kumar). That’s it!

4pm: The male model leaves and takes his pants back from me.  The shoot continues with Miss Audrey, and I end up wearing her shorts whilst she shoots in my black pants, and hiding behind a  chair whilst co-art directing the shoot with the photographer. Talk about a day of  improvisations. After that, all goes as normal as a normal photo-shoot can be.

And not forgetting taking a shot of yours truly rrrrRoarrring as a tiger as well.  And then, time for a last well-deserved cuppa masala tea.

7pm: Shoot finishes.  We are all tired.  But happy and high on masala tea.

Strike a Pose, the Masala Tee Way.

Enjoy the new Masala Tee Collections and  view the eLOOKBOOKs  :

* new MASALA TEE SUGARCUBE for kids:http://www.ebeyonds.net/ebook/masala_tee/sugarcubes/
* new MASALA TEE VINTAGE line for women, men & kids: http://www.ebeyonds.net/ebook/masala_tee/vintage/

Credits: To all parents who accompanied their children for the shoot, to the photographer for bearing with our ruckus, to the providers of puppets & toys as props – Rabani Garg from the Reading Caterpillar Club for the puppets & Charlotte Johnson from Pyjama Mahal for the hobby horses- Thank you so much.


New Masala Tee eBoutique Springs Open!

Masala Tee e-Boutique gets a new Spring look @ www.masalateeboutique.com and is now LIVE.

This is our ode to Spring- a new beginning, a fruitfulness, a season of  life and love and laughter where birds start to serenade their lovely tunes.  And yes, you can hear them right here on our site. With that symphony playing in the background, we’re happy to announce  the official launch of our new light&breezy line – INFUSION by Masala Tee  @ our eboutique: www.masalateeboutique.com.  Available online now.

The freshest tees in bloom this season

What’s new with Masala Tee?

New is the buzz word for Masala Tee this season. Watch out for more new birth of tee flavors  with more Masala Tee kick this season- from new faces/prints to new colors to new lines, and  we will also spring on you a surprising new Limited Edition collection!

All  Masala Tee new flavors mentioned below will be unleashed progressively soon @ our Masala Tee e-boutique from this Spring!

Snuggle up with your favorite Masala Tee flavor that tickles your taste buds.

MASALA TEE SIGNATURE LINE : The core of Masala Tee,  this quintessential Indo-centric quirky line features Warhol style prints. These urbane, stylish green tees comprise of faces of Bolly-esque vintage heroines (Masala Tee Jewel for women), moustached turbaned villains (Masala T-Urban for men), and adorned Indian animals (Masala Tee Sugarcubes for kids). More colors and designs will be out in early June ’12.

MASALA TEE VINTAGE LINE : Targeted at the street-wear tee connoisseur, Masala Tee now goes hip Vintage. With prints on vintage effect tee to give that cool urban look, it is timeless mix and match. Think hip, grungy,  boho, easy to wear, shabby chic tees for women, men and kids. This new Masala Tee line will be out in early May ’12.

MASALA TEE INFUSION LINE : Infusion is a premium line from Masala Tee. A light and luxurious combo that is eminently comfortable, and always infused with a statement accessory.  Ultra smooth  cotton and premium modal tees in light & breezy shapes are teamed with eccentric fluid fabric neck accessory for added chic. This is now launched on our eboutique @ www.masalateeboutique.com

LIMITED EDITION MASALA TEE MANGA!: Masala Tee goes funky Shinjuku style. Watch out for this surprising Limited Edition collection. This Masala Tee collector’s item will be out in late June ’12.

Welcome to our new Masala Tee Universe.  Read all about it @  http://www.masalateeboutique.com/en/content/17-the-story


The Happiness Project

INFUSION by MASALA TEE shares with you a wonderful article on self growth & happiness.

Infusion by Masala Tee follows the path to calm, peace and serenity.

And in going back to our roots, Infusion celebrates our natural nature and mother nature. And the best way to celebrate all the splendid glory of Mother Nature’s work is to bring the essentials of nature right into our inner sanctuary-our soul.

“There must always be music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very silent to hear it.”

Keep your sanctuary in tact and at peace. Feed it with the essential ingredients to keep it happy and joyful. We can choose to be happy or not in every moment, and no one can make us happy but ourselves.  Infusion will bring you some splendid reads on this, so watch this space.

Peace and joy always.

Finding Joy: Tips for creating your own 30-day Happiness Project

By Shelley Seale

Ahh, happiness … along with love, one of the most chased and elusive of human conditions. It’s so important we even wrote it into our Declaration of Independence: We have the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. But, what is happiness? Is it universal, or is it different for different people? Can we make it, find it or attain it; or does it just happen when we are still and accepting?

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin and her year-long Happiness Project, which became a blog and subsequent book, I embarked on my own happiness experiment as part of my 30 Days at a Time project. Rubin defines the project as an approach to changing your life through three stages: preparation, when you identify what brings you joy and contentment; resolution, when you create concrete actions that will boost your happiness; and action, when you put it all into effect and make it part of your daily life.

Like Rubin, I read and studied many different approaches to happiness, from the philosophical Buddhist perspective offered by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in The Art of Happiness, Robert Holden’s psychological approach in Happiness Now! (featured on Oprah), and the practical methods of Alexandra Stoddard in Choosing Happiness, among others. While styles and philosophies often differed, there were several underlying points of consensus, the most important being that happiness is a choice. It’s not something mystical or magical that happens to us by luck, and our internal level of happiness should not depend on external circumstances.

We can choose to be happy or not in every moment, and no one can make us happy but ourselves.

During my Happiness Project, I found the following 20 practices to be the most profound and effective:

Want what we have – not what we don’t. Happiness has less to do with our circumstances, than how we perceive them and how satisfied we are with what we have. Our feelings of contentment are strongly influenced by our tendency to compare; which is why the whole “keeping up with the Jones” mentality is such a debilitating spiral. But conversely, you can use comparison to shift your perspective and contemplate how things could be worse. Try this exercise: Complete the sentence “I’m glad I’m not _____.”

Make a list of “Happiness Islands.” These are places, things and activities that make you feel joyful and content. It might be music, traveling, time spent with a loved one, a hobby, working out, pampering, etc. Try to incorporate as many of these into your daily life as possible.

Ask, “What do I love about myself?” We rarely ask ourselves this; instead, our self-dialogue tends to be very critical. Write down all the things you really love about yourself, and refer to it to battle self-doubt, criticism and guilt.

Learn to accept the past and move on from it. We can perpetuate our own pain and keep it alive, and stronger, by replaying old hurts over and over. Dwelling in the past will never change it, but only keeps you stuck there emotionally.

Adjust our attitude toward suffering. Hurt, pain and grief are part of life—but our attitude toward these hard times is critical because it affects how we cope with suffering when it comes. What we give the majority of our focus to becomes stronger and more present in our lives; when the temptation comes to wallow in past hurts or even current bad feelings, consciously choose to give mental energy and attention to the positive as well.

Learn to deal with anger and conflict better. When conflicts with others arise, our outlook may become narrow until we’re focused only on the problem, leading to a self-absorption that can not only make the problem seem much more intense, but limits our ability to see the other person’s viewpoint or have compassion toward their suffering. Research shows that venting anger in a way out of proportion to the circumstance that created it physiologically arouses us and makes us even more prone to rage. A cooling-off period, which can give distance and perspective, helps address the problem without such high emotions.

View happiness in the long-term. Immediate/temporary pleasures are often harmful to us in the long run; for example, it might be more pleasurable to sit and eat ice cream in the moment, rather than work out. But ultimately, you will be happier if you’re active and healthy.

Choose carefully the people and activities you spend your time with. Make enough time for those which really matter to you, and make it focused time—be present with it, not planning all the other things on your to-do list.

Decide to be something, rather than chase it. Do not seek love—instead, act loving toward those around you. Do not seek peace, but be peaceful. Do not pursue joy, but determine to be joyful in the present moment as much as possible.

Act the way you want to feel. Doing this often helps propel us in that direction. Try a smile, even if you don’t feel like it; try helping someone else, even if you don’t feel like it. You might be surprised how those feelings change.

Stay active and physically fit. Sometimes if we’re feeling down, physical activity helps. Even just getting out of the house, taking a walk, or having a high-energy cardio workout. The natural endorphins are a proven mood-booster.

Approach others with compassion and openness. Often we expect the other person to respond to us first in a positive manner, whether that is brief exchanges with strangers or in our most intimate relationships. But by being open, positive and empathetic first, you are setting the stage for a more meaningful, happier encounter. It’s basically the golden rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated. It’s amazing what that little initiative will accomplish.

Give to others and volunteer. The “helper’s high” has been documented, and even the memory of helping brings it forth! Performing altruistic acts not only makes us happier, it is also the top indicator for a longer life.

Surround yourself with beauty. Make your home a place that brings you joy by surrounding yourself with prized things such as flowers, a certain color on the walls, photos of loved ones or mementos from travels. It’s not about how big or expensive your home is; it’s about the importance of our immediate environment being filled with things we love.

Write letters to those you love. Never underestimate the power of telling people closest to you why they are important to you—to them and yourself. Identify your “carrots” and reward yourself. We all have them: a good meal, gardening, a massage or bubble bath. Whatever yours are, the fun of planning a little reward and the anticipation of it often creates joy. It’s celebration for life being lived well, and these little mini-breaks for ourselves help take care of our own emotional needs and energy.

When you feel a little down, get in a groove. That’s what Stoddard calls picking yourself up and getting out to do something that you enjoy. It might be treating yourself to lunch, stopping in a favorite Austin spot or heading to the park. Like exercise, this is almost a guaranteed pick-me-up.

Resist the urge to over-discuss problems. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk to friends about difficulties—this very therapeutic and often they can be of tremendous help. But when we go on and on for weeks or even months about a painful situation in our lives we put too much energy into it that is not constructive. For small stresses, try the “5 minute bitch rule.” Ask a friend to give you five minutes to vent, but when those five minutes are up, be done with it and move on.

Keep a gratitude journal. Jotting down the things we are thankful for can help us appreciate what we have in life, and keep our difficulties in perspective.

Have a “happy hour” every day. Set aside an hour of time that is for you, to do something that makes you happy. Choose one of your happiness islands, read a book, go shopping, meditate, take a nap, have a cocktail. Whatever it is, this is your time. And you are worth at least an hour every day!

This article was taken from the ‘CULTURE MAP Austin’ site : http://austin.culturemap.com/newsdetail/10-06-11-13-32-finding-joy-the-happiness-project/   Masala Tee had featured another book written by this same author called  The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India. 

Shelley Seale is an Austin-based freelance journalist who writes about lifestyle, travel, health, education, business and nonprofit issues. She has written for National Geographic, USA Today, Andrew Harper Traveler magazine, Yahoo, CNN, the Austin Business Journal, Austin Woman and many others. Besides writing, she’s into vagabonding the world, yoga, indie movies, farmers markets and a nice glass of wine. She has been zip lining in Thailand, volcano climbing in Chile, and was once robbed by a monkey in India. Her favorite quote is by Helen Keller: “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

And last but certainly not least, enjoy this happy video!

Happy weekend, all!

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