Masala Tee is back – I present you a new capsule collection of bejewelled organic cotton tees for women. All are featured in a newly revamped Masala Tee website


The signature look of Masala Tee – beautiful strong faces of Indian women printed on tees and embellished with jewelry – is still the mainstay. Click link to view: Masala Tee Lookbook.

Capturing the spirit of this new collection was easy. The muse was my daughter- a spirited, strong willed seven year old. My little girl who is evolving day by day with all that she’s exposed to in her masala world- different cultures in multiple environments. And growing from strength to strength.

photo-40  alyablog

I wanted to portray the women on Masala Tees to be what I see in her- exuding strength and quiet dignity and with what we continue to impart to her- to be humble in her confidence and to be courageous in her character. This brings to mind the beautiful music of Anoushkar Shankar featuring the voice of Vanessa Redgrave reading the beautiful poem that resounded strongly in me – Remain The Sea.

PicsArt (20) copy.png

Here’s to my daughter, and to strong women on Masala Tee, and everywhere.

May We Know Them. May We Be Them. May We Raise Them.

The body is a continent but may your heart always remain the sea.

Peace, Love & Courage always,

Tee Wallah Samira xx


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