Masala Tee Cool concoction – big & skinny, comfy & chic.

Masala Tee Vintage oversized tees in blue, charcoal grey and red are super-simple to weave into your current wardrobe, and still look timelessly chic.


A solid oversized tee is a must-have  in your wardrobe for days when you don’t want the tee-shirt to stick to your skin (especially in the Delhi summer grilling heat averaging at 40 degrees!).

Wear Masala Tee super comfy big voluminous vintage tee that goes down to the hip,  and bottom it off all right with a pair of  skinny jeans (a true confidant of our wardrobe always) and you’re all set for a Friday night out where you can always end up indulging in a carton of mint chocolate chip ice-cream or fruit sorbet to cool yourselves down further! sorbets

denim shorts

But of course, if you’re at the beach or running to the spa this summer, our oversized tee looks cool even with the oh-so necessary staple denim shorts for happy easy days, with the tee tucked in with a chunky leather belt for structure.  Or  you have the option of teaming it with a pair of skinny capris or leggings!

It is the dawn of a summer era, and if you want to start off the first day in style with a burst of color- you can team MASALA TEE vintage oversized tee with bright-colored skinny jeans for some fun and oh so happy and cheery summery color blocking. 

skinny jeans If you prefer it muted, wear your skinny jeans in neutral cool colors. Different strokes for different folks. 

Don’t forget to amp it with the right accessory -flat ballerinas, strappy sandals, or platform slip ons  and you’ll look the part – big and skinny , comfy and chic.

In celebration of our 4th anniversary month, MASALA TEE vintage organic t-shirts (along with all our other tees) are available at a Special Discount at our online clothing fashion store till 10th June 2013: (or directly to the page:

By the way, Masala Tee Vintage comes in Men and Kids versions as well so your whole family can rock this look.  If you wish to have a His, Hers and a Little One  this summer, check out the cool happy MASALA TEE VINTAGE family tee. All are available at


Thanks for reading. Have a great summer, y’all!

Stay cool always,

Masala Tee Wallah xx

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