New Masala Tee eBoutique Springs Open!

Masala Tee e-Boutique gets a new Spring look @ and is now LIVE.

This is our ode to Spring- a new beginning, a fruitfulness, a season of  life and love and laughter where birds start to serenade their lovely tunes.  And yes, you can hear them right here on our site. With that symphony playing in the background, we’re happy to announce  the official launch of our new light&breezy line – INFUSION by Masala Tee  @ our eboutique:  Available online now.

The freshest tees in bloom this season

What’s new with Masala Tee?

New is the buzz word for Masala Tee this season. Watch out for more new birth of tee flavors  with more Masala Tee kick this season- from new faces/prints to new colors to new lines, and  we will also spring on you a surprising new Limited Edition collection!

All  Masala Tee new flavors mentioned below will be unleashed progressively soon @ our Masala Tee e-boutique from this Spring!

Snuggle up with your favorite Masala Tee flavor that tickles your taste buds.

MASALA TEE SIGNATURE LINE : The core of Masala Tee,  this quintessential Indo-centric quirky line features Warhol style prints. These urbane, stylish green tees comprise of faces of Bolly-esque vintage heroines (Masala Tee Jewel for women), moustached turbaned villains (Masala T-Urban for men), and adorned Indian animals (Masala Tee Sugarcubes for kids). More colors and designs will be out in early June ’12.

MASALA TEE VINTAGE LINE : Targeted at the street-wear tee connoisseur, Masala Tee now goes hip Vintage. With prints on vintage effect tee to give that cool urban look, it is timeless mix and match. Think hip, grungy,  boho, easy to wear, shabby chic tees for women, men and kids. This new Masala Tee line will be out in early May ’12.

MASALA TEE INFUSION LINE : Infusion is a premium line from Masala Tee. A light and luxurious combo that is eminently comfortable, and always infused with a statement accessory.  Ultra smooth  cotton and premium modal tees in light & breezy shapes are teamed with eccentric fluid fabric neck accessory for added chic. This is now launched on our eboutique @

LIMITED EDITION MASALA TEE MANGA!: Masala Tee goes funky Shinjuku style. Watch out for this surprising Limited Edition collection. This Masala Tee collector’s item will be out in late June ’12.

Welcome to our new Masala Tee Universe.  Read all about it @


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