INFUSION by Masala Tee

You have seen the spicy & colorful Masala Tee JEWEL, T-Urban & SugarCube – all in organic cotton, Indo-centric & quirky  in style.

We now introduce you to the newer, lighter & breezier organic brew:

InFUSION by Masala Tee.

Light & Breezy Luxury.


Infusion is a lighter &  breezier brew.

A fluid collection infused with new natural ingredients: stylised 100% organic cotton & silk tees in light & breezy  shapes teamed with a fabric neck accessories to add more zest.

Infusion  relaxes, calms and soothes.  And Infusion  goes back to our roots.

Infusion celebrates our natural nature and mother nature. And the best way to celebrate all the splendid glory of Mother Nature’s work is to bring the essentials of nature right into our inner sanctuary-our soul.

Hear the birds sing, the waters stream & the winds chime as we reveal the new Masala Tee collection, INFUSION.

Press on the following link to view the Infusion e-lookbook:


INFUSION is a fusion of  SOFT TEE (in 100% Organic Silk & Cotton) with FABRIC NECK ACCESSORY

Available in 4 fluid designs in 6 lovely neutral colors in organic cotton and 3 designs in luxurious organic silk in black. For all seasons. INFUSION teams fluid shapes with understated elegance.

End 2011 launch“with eternal summer in your soul” COTTON Infusion
Wind chimes & soft breeze, Infusion cotton is made of these.
Infusing chic organic cotton jersey with fabric neck accessory.

Beginning 2012 launch: “a fresh new bloom springs forth ” SILK Infusion
Streaming waters & singing birds, Infusion silk is made of these.
Infusing luxurious organic silk with fabric neck accessory.

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2 thoughts on “INFUSION by Masala Tee

  1. It’s Cushla in Bangkok! I love the Contemplation shirt in the smokey grey twilight color mmm I will have it eventually, sorry I didn’t get to the sale, gorgeous tees x

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