And Masala Tee is Two Years Old.

Sunday May 15, 2011 was  a special day for us.

We had celebrated our second birthday on a beautiful cheerful Sunday with 50 special children from selected orphanages, slum dwelling and underprivileged homes in Delhi. Themed as ‘Humpy Kholy, Crazy Daisy,  Nutty Trunky & the Reading Caterpillar in the JUNGLE BOOK, ‘ the storytelling birthday event is aimed at instilling a love for books and stories, and capturing the imagination of the children.  With the help of our friends- Pankaj Jha as the inimitable Mogli the MC; Rabani Garg, founder of the Reading Caterpillar Club for Children in Delhi; and Anupa Lal, an author and storyteller of children’s books- our 3-8 year old special guests of honor were entertained to a fun and colorful evening of storytelling, music and tea treats, and to much love & laughter.

Our birthday celebration felt truly meaningful- the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the adults were smiling and the children- well, the children just had a jolly good time.

Turning 2 has been a milestone.

But more so, it’s been a time for us to reflect.

Two years ago, we founded Masala Tee,  and a year after,  the e-urban clothing store (  Our goal is pure and simple.  First, to create organic tee shirts that depict the colorful & beautiful images of India. Second, to have loads of brew-haha fun and laughter. And last but certainly not least – to stick to our adage of growing up healthy and soulfully, ‎”the best exercise for the Heart is to bend down and lift another.”

It has been a terrific journey.

In two years, we have served piping hot and uber cool organic tee shirts in 9 countries,  delighted some 1000+ Facebook fans across the globe and along the way made some hearts happy whilst donating a certain percentage of our sales proceeds to humanitarian causes. Masala Tee aims to brew more green tees and reach a wider audience. And that’s where we need your help.

Simply join our birthday wish and mission to boost our Facebook Masala Tee community. Here’s how you can help: Just LIKE us on Facebook to connect with other like-minded fans fanning the Flame of Masala Tee. While you’re at it, invite your friends to also LIKE us. If you LIKE us, chances are, they will as well. And that’s it. Your recommendation means more to us than any other marketing strategy.

To show our gratitude and to kick-start our birthday bash recently, we had thrown out some irresistible deals your way. Starting  on our birthday Sunday 15 May and for the next one month,  our customers and loyal fans can score up to 30% discount on Masala Tee’s women’s tshirts, tee shirts for men and organic kids clothing. The more you buy, the greater the discounts! So order some organic tee shirts today for you and your loved ones. Feel free to send us your photo in Masala Tee wherever you are vacationing for the coming summer holidays with your friends and family , if you want to be featured on our Facebook Fanpage. The slideshow below gives more details on the the Birthday sale.

So if you believe in our endeavors, please help us Spread More Joy with Masala Tee.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone.

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