Made for Keeps

Masala Tee’s Mumversation on Mother’s Day.

Imagine the tug on my heart strings. When she came back home from her playschool, grasping with her two year & 6 months old fingers and with all her might- a paper bouquet and a flowery card.  And her lips all pursed up ready to kiss me.

You see, I became a Mom pretty late – after the age of 40.  No one has made a big hoopla about Mom’s Day for me, except me and family for my Mom. So when the little one came back home from her nursery school with excitement to present me this little gift made by her (albeit with a lot of help from her teacher)- I was taken in. Intrigued. Delighted.

Gifts made with love, and shared with delight, and pride. 

She probably does not know why she is giving this gift to Mama. And it doesn’t matter. I gave a squeak of delight, and opened up the card, and laughed at the words written at the bottom. Obviously recounted by her but written by her teacher.

 “Mama office”  (I juggle between play with her and work from home).

“Mama’s gone to doctor” (I tell her that when I need some ‘me’ time and she hates seeing the doctor).

“Mama speaks telephone”  (The phone is my fashion accessory like a pair of earrings stuck to my ears).

She made my day. But it also meant that I  need to reflect about what she’d written. And my resolution  for next year’s Mother’s Day is for her to add another line:

“Mama smells flowers” ( I want to take time off more with her and  smell  more flowers).


Fast forward  two hours later.  The little one had forgotten all about Mother’s Day and all that she had made for Mama. I had picked up the card and the flowers and placed it on my work desk. These, after all, are made for keeps.

 She came to my work desk and proclaimed the self-assertive mantra of a 2-3 year old, “Mama, that’s MINE. ”And the daily mother-daughter banter  starts. “Hahaha. no, no- You’re MINE. But we must always share. ”

 She’s made for keeps, my precious one.

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, Masala Tee gives a treat to all Mothers.



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