Celebrate ‘Masala Tee for Humani-Tee’ Week

God Bless the Child by Billy Holiday

Love is the Air.  Fan the Flame of Masala Tee.

Inspired by images of India– her beauty and color, as well as her extremities & vulnerabilities- Masala Tee is committed to building close relationships with the community within which we live.

Starting from Mother’s Day in India and many parts of the world which falls on 9th May last Sunday, we had declared the entire week as ‘Masala Tee for Humani-Tee Week’. This is part of Masala Tee’s social message where we pledge a certain percentage of our sales proceeds yearly to humanitarian organizations in India helping children and women.

And to you – our friends and fans who have supported us in our endeavour – we thank you.

Masala Tee honors underprivileged children @ ‘Masala T-Time Jamboree Charity Puppet Show’, 26th April 2010

Masala Tee celebrates "Masala Tee is for Humani-Tee" Week & supports education of underprivileged children in India. Rock on LI!
Masala Tee celebrates "Masala Tee is for Humani-Tee" Week with color & candour & cheer in an Orphanage in Delhi.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate ‘Masala Tee for Humani-Tee’ Week

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    I run an event planning company based in Paris, France. As part of a press trip we are organizing in India for one of our client, I would like to get in touch with you. Is there an e-mail I can write more ?
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