“Masala Tee for Humani-Tee” Event

Will You Make us Laugh? Will You Make us Cry?

Masala Tee Charity Puppet Show, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Masala Tee’s initiative to allow underprivileged kids to dream.

On April 26 2010, the Masala Tee Charity Puppet Show took place in the late evening in Delhi under clear blue skies, rising temperature matched with equally raised spirits and a terrace converted into a colorful Rajasthani haven with the majestic Humayun Tomb setting in the background.

This was the first of  Masala Tee for Humani-Tee* series of events envisioned as part of our social message to give back to the community within which we live.

The Tee Wallahs had brewed a special potion for that enchanting evening –

50 special Indian chidren from selected slum, orphanages & underprivileged homes in Delhi, 1 cow, 1 camel, 1 elephant, 4 puppeteers, 3 musicians, 1 inimitable MC/comedian, warm camaraderie, masala tea & cakes & nimbu pani (iced lemon juice to combat the rising heat in Delhi), joyful laughter & excited giggles ringing in the air, song, dance & lots of applause at the “Masala T-Time Jamboree.”

And not forgetting a big measure of Love, Peace & Sunshine.

Guest performers included the House of Puppets, puppeteer from the Kathputli Rajasthani slums in Delhi who staged an animated Masala Tee customized Puppet Show entitled “A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes” featuring the animals characters from our Masala Tee Sugarcube Collection for Children: Nutty Trunky, the elephant, Humpy Khaly, the camel & Crazy Daisy, the cow.

Special mention goes out to the inimitable MC, Uncle P, who had the kids entertained & roaring with laughter, clapping excitedly, singing and dancing with such abandon!

And as for the Tee Wallahs, we laughed so much that we cried.

* Masala Tee for Humani-Tee idea: A certain percentage of the sales proceeds of Masala Tee goes towards selected humanitarian organisations helping children & women. Help us fan the flame of Masala Tee @ http://www.masalateeboutique.com

* Our thanks go to the following people: Mittal Tea, Jhilmil Breckenridge, Mehak Patissier for their contribution to this Event.

Masala Tee for Humani-Tee Event

The Bigger Picture:

This simple humble endeavor is now evolving further. Masala Tee is now involved in promoting the House of Puppets’ artistry to certain schools where they will conduct Puppet Making Workshops using recycled materials with the aim of encouraging creativity and building eco conscious-minded children.

The House of Puppets hail from the community of artists from the Kathputli Rajasthani Slums in Delhi. In “Midnight’s Children“, Salman Rushdie wrote of the “Magicians’ Ghetto” in Delhi, home to jugglers, fakirs and sweetmeat stalls, of “vendors of notions and itr-essences” and the “caterwauls of shoe-shine boys”. Kathputli is a real-life incarnation of Rushdie’s world.

HOP’s young group of performers who create & perform with their various crafts have turned their slum dwelling into a showcase of Rajasthani arts. The Kathputli Rajasthani slum residents are now facing a very uncertain future as their slum colony is now under threat from being bulldozed and cleared very soon, before India hosts the 2010 Commonwealth Games in October.

To read more, check out this article: http://moreintelligentlife.com/content/simon-wroe/what-will-become-delhis-slum-performers.

Masala Tee's brainstorming session with HOP @ Kathputli Slums, Delhi

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