UNTYING & REVEALING the Face (& Body) behind Masala T-URBAN

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Masala T-Urban: Strong, Robust & Spicy

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Our Masala T-URBAN photo shoot advertisement  had specifically targeted at young, virile men with an athletic good body.

Enter Zubin Atre. A yoga instructor with all that litheness &  flexibility, all packed into his trim 148 lbs body. And the Tee Wallahs were immediately sold.

As a yoga practitioner, he emphasizes that through practicing yoga, not only will your body encounter a healthy change and stay physically fit, but you will empower your mental state, and ultimately achieve a positive outlook on life.  And we cannot agree more!

He embodies one of our Masala Tee Mantra to the Tee:

Love, Levitate & Live Happy. Do Your Yoga.

So the Tee Wallahs have decided to untie & unravel all the loose ends from the mystery behind this young man who sportingly tied our Masala T-URBAN around his face for the photo shoot (and oh, what grace!). We have him exposed in this interview conducted over Masala Tea, of course!

When & why did you start practicing yoga? Who were your influences?

I was exposed to yoga at a very young age as my Dad was practising yoga at home &  I have an aunt who is a yoga instructor. As a young boy, I was copying all of my Dad’s yoga movements. Proud Dad would always egg me on, and make me show off my yoga moves in front of the family, and I was 5 years old! At the ripe age of 11 (he laughed as we gasped), I was chanting along with my elder brother to the mantras on my Dad’s tape, ” Sacred Chants of Shiva.”  So yes, yoga blood ran very thickly in my family.

When did you decide to dedicate yourself to yoga personally & professionally?

At College level, I had opted out of  Medical course as I had not felt any affinity to it. I then decided to opt for Business Management & at the same time, I had attended a Teacher’s Training Course in Yoga at YogaLife. It was the turning point for me – I felt that yoga could be my vocation, and my Management course will complement & guide me through. I started out teaching yoga at many MNCs to get people to balance & manage their professional, personal & health aspects. And now my Management course again is aiding me in teaching yoga as well as running, managing & marketing YogaLife Studio.

Do you have a favourite form of yoga?

My personal favourite is Yoga Nidra which appeals to all of my senses- muscular, mental & emotional.  It is a resolution-based form of yoga where you are in a state of conscious deep sleep. During the practice of Yoga Nidra, one appears to be asleep but the consciousness is happening at a deeper level of awareness – a state of mind between wakefulness & dream. Your mind feels like a child’s when you come out of the subconscious- every move is made sincerely in order that you achieve your aim, your target. It helps nurture the seed of great will power, inspire the higher self, and allows it to enjoy the vitality of life.

What do you find rewarding about being a yoga instructor?

Spiritually strengthening. Physically benefiting. Socially interesting.

My work is like break-time. It makes me feel very light. I am happy to introduce yoga to people – meet different people from all countries & all walks of life. It  gives me a big pleasure to spread the goodness of yoga to people.

Do your students inspire you?

Yes, I see their will power. I am amazed at their dedication- when they come daily, when they seriously follow my instruction say, in holding a particular position for 90 seconds.  I am learning continuously from my students – and,  it’s a mutual feeling. They inspire me big time when they put their trust in me. And i hope it’s vice versa.

What should someone look for in a yoga instructor and a yoga studio?

Passion, discipline, knowledge, understanding. A yoga instructor cannot ‘follow the book’ too strictly. He/She has to listen to the needs of the students and mechanism/limitation of the student’s body, and understand the mental state of the student, and instruct accordingly.

A yoga studio needs to be a haven of warmth & relaxation with all the necessary amenities- a place where people can feel light and experience a relaxation of mind, body, spirit. At YogaLife, we are trying to achieve all of that, with more in the offing.  In the near future, we will have a meditation room + a lounging room which will be the hub for our students to relax, and partake in the warm atmosphere.

What’s your own personal Mantra?

No cliché this- but it’s Omm.

Because  when i close my eyes, relax and recite it, each & every Omm is different. It expresses & reflects my state of mind and produces vibration, emanating from my different body parts. Omm gets broken into 3 pieces, starting out with ‘Ohhh‘ from the  stomach , ‘ooo’ from the chest region , ‘mmm’ from the mouth & nasal  region ….forming an ‘Ommmmmm.”  When the three parts come together, it completes me.

Any thing you want to share with us on your hot (hic) Masala Tee Photoshoot session in the cold winter of Delhi?

It was a mixture of ‘piping hot & uber cool’ ( and we applaud his answer!).  There was good energy & vibes all around,  and I warmed up to that, even in my cold, near ‘naked’ state..haha..I was totally relaxed – it’s a shoot like I’ve never done before. A funny & fun shoot…cheers to Masala Tee!

And to Zubin, we say Cheers! You were such a sport during our photo shoot and indeed,  a great yoga sportsman.

* For those interested in following the trails of this Masala T-URBAN model, catch him @ Yoga Life Studio in  252A, Nanak Bhavan, Shahpur jat (opposite Panchsheel Commercial Complex), Delhi or call  98118-63332 for enquiries.

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  1. hey if u guys plan to open up anything in mumbai which could be a very good idea for business….i would be the first oerson interested in helping in setting up a manufacturing unit to everything….i m looking forward to work with u guys….

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