Strong & Sexy MASALA T-URBAN for Men: Get Tee Urban & Turban Cool!

Listen to “Billie Jean Remix by MC Punjabi.”


Masala Tee brews T- URBAN for MEN!

The MASALA T-Urban Collection is the Masala Tee version of

Tee Urban & Turban Cool

An earthy, robust, spirited, and ever spicy version featuring spirited Indian men’s faces with the TURBAN as the main accessory.

It is also the answer to the long queue of requests that we’d received from men, after the successful launch of our Masala Tee Jewel for Women.


For that ultimate visual & sensory experience, the turban is our star ingredient in our MASALA T-URBAN COLLECTION.

The Masala T-URBAN Brew

Strong, robust & spicy Organic Tee served with a generous dollop of SMOKING hot T-URBAN mix (Uday, Jagat, Ajay)  in bold colors (Tandoori Bordeaux Masala, Blue Masala & BlackPepper Masala).

It’ll make other heads turn, and then, spin some more!

Come to Masala T-URBAN country. Come to where the flavor is.

Order yours today @ or write to us at

Press on the link below to : SEE  YOURSELF in a TURBAN!

via – Ever Wondered What You Looked Like In A TURBAN?.


So what’s in a TURBAN?

As quoted from the Turbanizer blog: “A suspiciously long piece of cloth or a funny looking hat? Turbans have been constantly viewed as markers of exoticism and wonderment. There is so much history, tradition, beauty and secrets that have been locked away in its folds that have caused for skeptical yet curious eyes to be shot at the proud wearers of this beautiful crown. It’s no surprise than that one of the fashion icons to have transcended time is in fact the turban! Today’s turbans aren’t only flashy and trendy but uniquely mark each individual style!”

Worn by the Sikhs, by the Rajputs in Rajasthan and by Royalty, and worn at special occasions like weddings and stately functions, it is a symbol of power and nobility. Providing a sense of identity, a symbol of pride & strength, of status, and generally, a source of dignity.

Our inspiration: MEN in TURBAN

Feel like something out of the ordinary this Winter and the follow-up seasons? Treat yourself to Masala T-URBAN Collection if you want to look strong & sexily Tee-Urban!

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