Masala Tee Sugarcube for your Tee-lightful Sweeties

Satisfy Your Child’s Sweet Tooth.

“The Masala Tee Sugarcube Collection & Story is dedicated to little Alya , a 14-month-old  funny little Indian princess (the ‘lil one behind the Tee above) who was sugarcube-hugged into the family of one of the Tee Wallahs. She loves head-banging to ‘mahnamahna’!
The other half of The Tee Wallahs is cheering them all on!”

Masala Tee Sugarcube Collection

Lovingly prepared for your wee delightful spoonfuls of trouble.

Kids will simply adore the burst of flavor & soda pop colors, and the sweet taste of their Masala Tee Sugarcube.

With the star ingredient-  a concoction of exotic animals– featuring a cool elephant, NuttyTrunky,  a funny cow, CrazyDaisy & a tall camel, HumpyKhaly .  All wearing the signature  Masala Tee jewellery, embossed for added effect. And ultimate cuteness.





A Dose of Masala Tee Sugarcube for Your Sweetie’s Sugar Fix

Satisfy your child’s sweet tooth by adding spoonfuls of yummy, sweet & naturally green Masala Tee Sugarcube into their lives.

A dose of Fun. Calory free. Eco friendly. Energy booster. Releases Creativity. Laughter 100% guaranteed. We advise Unlimited intake.

A visually fun treat that allows you & your children to take their imagination away to faraway lands, and concoct fun and amazing stories that will keep them entertained for a long time.

Fancy a Bed-Time Story with a Sugary Hug?

A Masala Tee Sugarcube Story has been lovingly concocted  & starring our three crazy & fun animal characters –  NuttyTrunky, CrazyDaisy & HumpyKhaly–  entitled, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” This special gift to our ‘lil customers is set in a mini-book form, & is inserted into our exclusive Masala Tee Sugarcube Pouch together with infant/toddler Tee.

It will be a pleasure for you to read, and your ‘lil adventurous, imaginative ones to hear.

To read the Masala Tee Sugarcube Story, click on the following underlined words:

Masala Tee Sugarcube Mini-Book!.



” Families are Welcome. Read through the Night.

The Story is Friendly. The Animals Don’t Bite!”



Limited Edition: Masala Tee Sugarcube ‘T for Two’ Blend

Special ‘T for Two’ Promotion!

‘T for Two’ Blend : T For Tea-rrific Mommy & T for Tee-lightful Sweety

A Perfect Blend. A Sweet Deal. An Exquisite Gift.

Chai Tea, 100g: a Blend of rich Assam tea with spices for Mommy & Comfy Tee, 100% cute organic tee for Sweety.

Both Ts are packaged in exclusive Silver Masala Tee Pouches. For prices, write to us @

Calling all Infants & Toddlers- Get your Parents to Buy Masala Tee Sugarcube Online!

Masala Tee Sugarcube is prepared in 3 yummy flavors & in various children’s portions to suit different tastes & appetites:

Strawberry Masala (Fuchsia), Blackberry Masala (Grey) & Blueberry Masala (Blue). Infant Size: Onesie (18-24 months) & Toddler Sizes: 2T (2-3 years) & 4T (4-5 years).


Our Inspiration: The ohsocolorful beautiful, fun animals of India!

The inspiration for the Masala Tee Sugarcube comes from the colorful animals that you see in India all decked up and paraded at festivals and fairs. All adorned in their finery, flowers, paints, jewellery and costumes, and what fun!

We send them flying kisses & say Hip Hip Hooray!










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