The Faces behind Masala Tee Unveiled.

“Steppin’ Out” Music by Costes Re-Edit of Joe Jackson’s original…we love!

The Tee Wallahs say Peek-a-Boo!

Take a Sneak Peak @ them before they bury their heads in their Masala Tees again (and delve deep into their Tee comfort zone  to come up with more Tee-tilating ideas!).

And psst…The Tee Wallahs will be unveiling the new faces for their Masala Tee Men’s  & Children’s Collection real soon. Keep peeking into this space.

Take a peek @ faces behind Masala Tee
Take a peek @ the faces behind Masala Tee


CLICK on the link “Masala Tee gals UNVEILED!” below to un-Tee them!  A sneak peek on the creators of Masala Tee & more bytes on them in VERVE India & Mail Today,  Nov’ 09 Issue.

Masala Tee gals UNVEILED!.




Fat faces, small faces, faces with eyes so big I can’t even see their faces

Happy faces, cheerful faces, faces with excitement for new faces in some old places.

There have been new faces in the old places before, but never the faces of those who looked inside from outside.

To understand the faces

Which are never faceless.

Faces, All I see are faces

From television to newspaper, from YouTube to Facebook to tee shirts, the face is here.

The smile and the face are in all the places, everywhere you go the smile is there and on the faces of those who rejoice seeing, the face with the smile.


The eyes-soft and friendly, the smile-one of friendship, and the color-caramel and fresh.

The smile and the face offer peace and love, no longer a battle between black faces & white faces or yellow faces & blue faces.

Faces, All I see are faces


Read more on the faces behind Masala Tee:


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