A Dollop of Sweetness. A Sprinkle of Style.

Introducing the Masala Tee Skinny Scarf

This Fall/Winter, Masala Tee has added  a dollop of Sweetness & a sprinkle of Style to its Tee collection for added Smoothness.

It comes in the form of our freshly-brewed Masala Tee Skinny Scarf.

Ingredients: Smooth & Green 100% Bamboo Organic fibre, in  hot pepper Grey & cool  limey Green flavor

Size: 50x 180cm of yummy goodness: lightweight with flowing drape, smoothness & sheen

Suggested Use: Serve when feeling chilled or hot. Otherwise, when you want a general pick-me-up feeling

Nutritional Value: A Boost to your Style factor. Powerful, multifunctional & satisfying, you will head out of your door, smiling



Why You’ll Want One

Masala Tee Skinny Scarf is a scarf for all seasons.

Versatile. Vibrant. Lightweight. Eco-friendly.

The Masala Tee Skinny Scarf is virtually weightless and part of the allure is the chic, airy, flowing feel –this feather-light, ultra- smooth scarf can ward off the chill of autumn, and even act as an extra layer of sunscreen in summer. Mixing sweetness and functionality, it also adds a  splash of personality & Ooomph! to your Masala Tee ensemble, and you can wear it any way imaginable. It’s your avenue for self-expression, baby!

Plus, made out of organic bamboo fabric, the Masala Tee Skinny Scarf has a natural sheen & softness that feels and drapes like silk but is less expensive and more durable.

It works well for an easy breezy summer look or a  fall/winter chic layer added for warmth & style. Very Vava Voom.

And it comes in hot pepper grey & cool limey green flavors. Yums.




How To Wear It Très Chic

This Fall, toss it over your Masala Tee, layer on a short skirt over leggings, put on your boots and you can take the boho chic look from Fall to Spring! The idea is to have fun and be creative and use it to fit your style or mood of the day.

Just get ready to experiment: twist, braid, use it as a bohemian headband, knot the two colors together or  sashay with it as a belt AND if you’re caught without that beachwear,  try tying it a last-minute halter top. Très cool.


Get a taste of the Masala Tee Skinny Scarf @ ebook.masalateecollection.com

Price on request at teewallahetc@gmail.com

Ps : Watch out for the Masala Tee Men’s Collection coming out end November!

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