laugh, smile, hug, sing, dance, be happy & merry & sip yer tea (extra milk & 2 sugarcubes for us today, please!)

“Tea for Two” Music by PINK MARTINI feat. Jimmy Scott

a TEE Wallah’s tête-à-tête with a TEA Wallah.

Tee Wallah Etc feat. Mittal Tea Store.




As the Masala Tee Story goes – it all started with a Tea Bag. And evolved into a Tee Collection. So we’d decided to go back to the source of our inspiration in our favorite quaint tea brew bar where it all began.

Tucked away in lively Sunder Nagar Market is Mittal Tea Store, a real melting pot of tea (and now tee) and more. A treasure trove of a tea store where you can breathe in beautifully aroma-ed tea leaves from all over INDIA, check out fascinating tea-making paraphernalia, spice up your life with an assortment of packed masala spices & recipes waiting to be converted to mouth- watering masala dishes and most importantly, enjoy the personalized service provided by the charming bespectacled owner, Mr Vikram Mittal and his affable team.

A melting pot of locals, expats and tourists seek their moment of calm and repose in this cozy corner of Delhi. Forget wi-fi connection and all that new age addictive thing. Here’s where you can enjoy a truly tea-total afternoon, sipping your fine cuppa tea from shiny white porcelain cups in an atmospheric saloon amidst genuine smiles, laughter and a ladida tête-à-tête.

The sweet, charming, old-school way.











We cheer & toast Lisa Neisa for her tee-rrific photography @ Mittal Tee Store!




Tee Wallah: Masala Tea feat. Masala Tee.  How do you rate our Masala Tea versus your Masala Tea?

Tea Wallah: They go hand in hand. They both fit to the T! Drinking Masala Tee, having mischievous Masala thoughts, and thinking of some spicy good times… that’s a man’s answer to the Women’s Masala Tee Collection (laughs heartily). But seriously, Masala Tee versus Masala Tea? They both have the same concept/idea, similar concoction, working towards a nice end result. Our Masala Tea is blended with fine quality, strong Assam tea with the finest Indian spices in the right proportions to set your mood. And your Masala Tee is blended with natural organic cotton, embedded with fine quality Swarovski crystals to give a smooth feel & touch.

Tee Wallah: What were your first impressions of Masala Tee? Were you tee-tilated?

Tea Wallah: My first thought was “That’s my kind of Tee! Shall I drink it or wear it?”

Tee Wallah: What’s your cuppa tea in life? And what’s your cuppa tea here in India and available here in your store?

Tea Wallah: My cuppa tea in life is to make people happy in reali-tea (we thumb up his play on word here!). And my cuppa tea here in this store ? A fine Darjeeling from the summer harvest like the rare Muscatel,  one of the finest teas produced anywhere in the world…

Tee Wallah: You’ve brewed pots and pots of fine good tea to a melting pot of people here. What are the tea preferences of people from different regions?

Tea Wallah: The popularity of tea is unbeatable, especially with its therapeutic & positive health effects. Tea is the secondly most drank beverage in the world after water. Forget about cappuccino, Coca-Cola or Pepsi — tea is set to be most popular with drinkers in the 21st century! Especially among consumers seeking to keep fit, stay young and live longer. In terms of preferences, Indians & other south Asians like the very strong Assam etc . The English like the orthodox Assam with longer leaves . Germans and other north European like Darjeeling from the spring harvest. Tea connoisseurs all across the world relish the special summer teas from the upper Assam, and higher altitudes of Darjeeling…and I expect that all nationalities will like your Masala Tee(shirts, hic)(laughter &  applause all around!)

Tee Wallah: For the foodies and tee-totalers out there, any good recommendations of good Masala Tea and food pairings (like how they do with wine and cheese pairings?)

Tea Wallah: Yes, food and tea pairings is practiced all over the world, for example tea salons in England serve tea & scones – a classic combo! We are considering including some home-made cookies soon in Mittal Tea Store specially blended with dried fruits like tangy mango, grapes or cumin spices etc, which can be paired with fine teas like Darjeeling and Assam teas, to be enjoyed in different seasons.  Spicy Masala Tea, on the other hand, goes well with savories like vegetable samosa, pakhora and kachori, which give a burst of flavor, and which is making me hungry now…

Tee Wallah: We have our Masala Tea Mantra: “Go Tripping with Masala Tee. And your every cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.” Any good quotes that a Tea Wallah can give a fellow Tee Wallah?

Tea Wallah: “A Tea with a Tee can set you Free.” Ha!

Tee & Tea Wallahs (laughs & toasts): Very well put there. Cheers to that!



You can find our Masala Tees and their Masala Teas @ Mittal Tea House, 12 Sunder Nagar Market. New Delhi Tel:011 24358588. Look out for our  Specially Brewed “Tea/Tee For Two” Promo & Contest, a special Tee Wallah & Mittal Tea collaboration, coming to you soon!



What’s this? A chance for you to be a tee-rrific trendsetter and to introduce your friends to a unique experience of buying Masala Tees at home sweet home. It’s fun & it’s unique. It’s brew-haha time.


What’s the idea? We are looking for ‘Masala Tee Hostesses with the Mostest‘ who will be our Masala Tee Ambassadors in other countries/regions and who will host a Masala Tee/Tea Par-Tee at their homes in a fun convivial atmosphere where they can invite a select cozy group of guests and introduce the Masala Tee idea/concept/philosophy of good hospitality. Laugh, smile, dance, sing, hug, be happy and sip your cuppa tea!




How can we help? The collateral support provided by us that will go towards ensuring the success of the “Masala Tee La-Di-Da  Par-Tee”:

* an Invite Card to the “Masala Tee la-di-da, tête-à-tête Par-Tee” Theme

* Par-tee Menu tips

* Ambient Music

* Add-on Sales of ‘Packaged Masala Tandoori Recipe all Ready to Cook’, and ‘Packaged Masala Chai all Ready to Brew’ especially prepared for the Masala Tee Par-Tee guests to buy and spice up their lives.

* Laughs and smiles are free




Our Masala Tee Hostesses get tee-dollar cuts for the sale of each Tee. For details, please contact us at with “Subject: MASALA TEE HOSTESS.”

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