How do You Like your Tee?


We are Masala Tee enthusiasts who are into cool & piping hot tees (& teas),and living the good life. Join us on a ride to awesome places around the world. Spice up your life, and taste a mix of colors, sensations, smells & flavors.

Masala Tee. Perfect to a Tee.


Go trippin’ with Masala Tee.

sweeten your day
share a nice cuppa
smell the aroma
soak in the beauty &
color around you.
wherever you are.
feel alive.
simple ain’t it?

Each cuppa tea (and masala tee) represents an imaginary voyage.


To see the Masala Tee Collection, read the post: Hello World! Your Masala Tee is Served.





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3 thoughts on “How do You Like your Tee?

  1. I like my Tee, snug and comfy, and my Tea, with good friends and good conversation.

    Sunny greeTeengs from Bali

  2. Hi FaTeemah,

    Your Tee-totally comments got us Tee-ming with happiness.

    Cheers from the Tee-totaller Tee Wallahs.

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