Hello World! Your Masala Tee is Served.



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Fan the flame of our Masala Tees http://ebook.masalateecollection.com/






The Masala Tee Collection

Yep, we got out of our comfort zone, took a trip and had our tee fix. We are expats who landed in India- living our masala lives (and loving our masala chais). And we concocted a new refreshing Tee flavor- and brewed, frothed and sweetened it to perfection

Masala TEE. A Jewel of a Tee.

see the masala tee collection @ http://ebook.masalateecollection.com/

5 cool tee designs in 100% green cotton organic cotton featuring faces of Indian women donning beautiful jewellery in 3 hot flavors- Pepper Masala (grey),Mustard Masala (mustard) & Spicy Masala (fushcia), embellished with Swarovski stones, and sweetened with a jewellery gift : a pair of vintage earrings for our customers , and all thrown into a cool Masala Tee Bag. Don your Masala Tee today and transform yourself into a Divya, Pia, Sapna, Sitara and Maya.

Fan the flame of our Masala Tees, order your fave tee now @ http://ebook.masalateecollection.com/

Masala Tee is for Humani-Tee.A certain percentage from the proceeds of the sale will go towards humanitarian organizations for women and children in INDIA.


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